Guanaco and UFO's racing for pot of gold at the end of  Rainbow

– and the spooky mountains of Torres del Paine

track: El Calafate, Argentina to Torres del Paine national park, Chile

Driving through the pampas of Argentina, there is never a dull moment. At sunrise, with the sun in blinding straight angle to the car, a Guanaco decided to cross the road...

It was probably on the run for the UFO from space that just landed!
Or was it in a race with the aliens to first reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

At the end of the trip, we were welcomed in Chile by an - Dûh - Original Chilean Condor. Torres del Paine decided to put on it's Halloween face- the Spooky look!

Day in key statistics

  • 324 km: distance covered

  • 4.08 hours:  time in motion

  • Border crossing break down: Argentina out: less than 10 minutes
     Chile in:  47 minutes (we had the luck to have a group of circa 48 tourists from the bus in front of us. Which the Chileans handled efficiently, so in all, the border crossing was fairly quick)   

  • 3 minutes and 5 seconds – Drone fighting the fierce Patagonian winds. Needless to say, we needed to ‘return to home’ the drone directly. It was the most difficult drone landing so far.

Fun Facts

We really saw the sunrise. On the road. Meaning, we got almost blinded by the sun rising, which made driving with the full frontal low sun a bit of a challenge.


Highlights of the day

  • Condor welcoming us at the border of Chile. Just too bad- at border crossings we put away our cameras – so not ready to right away record it

  • Beautiful gravel road, crossing through the absolute nothingness of Patagonia

  • Well, nothingness? – we saw many animals, alive and unfortunately frequently in ‘road kill’ state as well. Guanaco’s, Road Runners (kind of Ostriches), Foxes, Rabbits, different types of birds and importantly – Steak on Legs.

  • Well, nothingness? – Part 2: We saw a landed UFO! You don't believe us? 
    You don't have to believe us on our Blue Eyes. We have proof. A photo of the just landed UFO!

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