After the Rain, The Sun Comes Out
– revealing the majestic rocks of the Torres del Paine mountains

track: exploring the national park Torres del Paine, Chile

‘After Rain, The Sun Comes Out’ a Dutch saying goes
(Na Regen komt Zonneschijn).

This meant already at the breakfast we had a most amazing view of the massive mountains and pointy peaks of Torres del Paine. Perfect day to explore the park. We ran into Guanaco’s, greeted the Flamingo’s, discovered a kobold and needed to calculate exactly – to not run out of fuel.  

Day in key statistics

  • Turn-Around-point @ 220 km range. If that number lights up on the dashboard, we need to stop exploring and head back to the hotel. Why? In the national park there are no petrol stations. So you better have enough fuel to reach the first Chilean petrol station in Puerto Natales.

  • 129 km: Total distance covered, as we needed to drive to conserve fuel, it’s no surprise the top speed of the day was 913 km/hour. (Obviously, and other unexpected *fall out* of the Garmin device.

  • Three mini Icebergs drifting towards us in the lake Grey, one brand new; a big piece that must have broken off during the night.

Fun Facts

We are in the southern hemisphere, but what if we were mirrored in the Northern hemisphere?

We are now at the latitude 51**O**07.402’ South. 

This means, if we would be on the same latitude North, we would be back in Holland! To be very specific: about 20 kilometre South of Eindhoven. We could drop in and pay Cissy’s parents a visit with a 15 minutes drive : )


Highlights of the day

  • After a good day, however, due to rain without clear vision – we were extra grateful for the sun that came out. We had marvellous clear views. At the end of our drive, we concluded the mountains look impressive in any angle. One would be tempted to Walk-the-W; for even more up close angles!

  • Kaboutertje! Kobolt!!! Gnome!!!
    After earlier seeing UFO’s, Aliens and Mega Mars Mellows, Cissy discovered a well-kept secret in the Torres del Paine national park. Not even mentioned in the Lonely Planet!

    So we proudly present to you - El Cabautero del Torres!
    Take a good look at the image below and enter the Kobolt world, of 'El Cabautero'.

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