Circling Condors in the air and hissing air escaping from our tire

Track: Torres del Paine national park to Punta Arenas, Chile

Driving off in time was double rewarded today:  Firstly with stunning sunrise views on Torres del Paine. Secondly, we were in time to take the Y290 route to Puerto Natales, before it was blocked for road work the rest of the day. Yay!

We continued following the official road signs ‘Ruta del Fin del Mundo’ (Route To the End of the World), met up with condors, roadrunner-birdies and Orange Beak birds. At the end of the road - a forklift truck came in very handy to fix the flat tire of the Panda.

Day in key statistics

  • 7.50 am: amazing sunrise at Torres del Paine

  • 423 km: distance covered, partly tarmac, big stretch of fine gravel road

  • 6 hours: time in motion

  • 16.48 pm: second flat tire of the trip.

  • 18.09 pm: tire changed, to tire repair shop, and off we were again. Max Verstappen, again, won’t be impressed by these times…. We are as we know around here it can easily cost you half a day (with luck, flat tire one cost us around a day to get it all arranged!)

Fun (?) Fact

It’s clearly getting colder… we left Torres del Paine with 5 degrees Celcius, at 17.00 pm in Punta Arenas it was 12 degrees Celcuis. Layering up is default now, with fleeces and very important-  wind stopping jackets.

Highlights of the day

  • Best sunrise of the trip so far – with El Cabautero waving goodbye to us!
    (Look at the left side of the picture. Do you see him too?! With a white beard and dark gnome cap)

  • On our way to Laguna Blanca we saw some birds. WOW! These are CONDORS! Just circling above our heads, so impressive!

  • Guys thinking outside the box: While paying for the ferry of tomorrow, Jurgen heard ssssssssssssssssssssss. Oh no. Not again…. Quick, Pink Nail Polish! Marking the problem spot, we needed to change the wheel. With a buggy car jack and a heavy 3Tcar. Hm. Hooray for the nice guy whom we asked for a sturdy car jack, and who showed up with… a Forklift Truck. Ha! Smart Solution! (However, yes, buying a more heavy duty car jack is on a prio list now. As we figured it will be too complex to drag along a forklift truck as extra support vessel)   

  • Speedy Gonzales! No, we are not talking about Jurgen. We had the quickest repair possible. Gomeria Gonzalex took only 9 minutes to have the tire repaired. We advised them to change the name to Speedy Gonzales, happy not to have lost all evening – 17.25 pm we were good to go again!

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