How not to keep your head cool / headache of finding secured parking 

track: Going back-and-forth in Ushuaia, Argentina

La Panda decided not to tag along at the Antarctica cruise.  So we had to find a good place for two weeks for our car.
We did not expect this to be so complicated; after an intensive search Cissy came to the point - "Let's ask the police to keep the car in custody till the 28th".

Luckily, it did not have to come to that. The Tourist Office at Ushuaia went out of their way and brought us in contact with Alejandro. With this issue out of the way, we start sorting what to leave and what to take to the Antarctica cruise. 

Day in key statistics

  • 2 water and windproof pants – rented, to stay dry and warm at the Zodiac excursions

  • 1 secured parking spot - that's all we needed for the car. Check!

  • Less than 1 day and 9 hours - and off we are to Antarctica!

Fun Fact

Meeting lots of friendly people, assuring that Ushuaia is so safe, you can just park your car for two weeks on the side of the road. 

Highlights of the day

  • Solving the parking issue for the Panda

  • Hot bath with Lynne's bath gel; back to Relax mode

  • Receiving impressive sports news - my nephew Thijs is enlisted on the most talented soccer players under 13 in Holland.  Wow! We are a proud and happy Auntie and Uncle!

  • Walk at the harbour of Ushuaia. Some boats are not taking any chances... 'Better Safe than Sorry'.  Well, we think this anchor might be a bit over-sized for its job... See photo below

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