Stocking up - Sea Sickness Pills and biking in Holland is cold too

track: Ushuaia, Argentina

There is a difference between knowing and realizing. Like knowing:  to get to Antarctica one needs to cross the point where two oceans will be colliding with each other.

And at T-minus-1, eg one day before embarking,
realizing: Most that will be big waves, equaling see seasickness. 

Off to the pharmacy.... and outlet stores

Day in key statistics

  • 1 box of 12 pills: The advice of the pharmacy. Of course one has to trust the advice of professionals.

  • 2 boxes of 48 pills: We followed the advice, only quadrupled it. We reckon, better safe than sorry. (And Cissy is secretly thinking to get a third box tomorrow, for just in case...)​

Fun Fact

We board the last cruise of this Antarctic season. Meaning the summer is over and it's turning over to fall. 
Many outlet stores with all sorts of warm outdoor stuff. Discussing, did we pack the right stuff and will it be enough to keep us warm?


Cissy was tempted to buy half of the store - Jurgen pointed out: "You know, in Holland last week it was minus 20 Celcius. It won't be that cold during our trip to Antarctica.

Still, not convinced- as we will be out in the open water in the Zodiac boats. With nowhere to hide from the wind. Well, Jurgen pointed out, biking to school, Elst to Nijmegen in the winter, the cold, rain and wind were fierce, yet doable. Hm. Well, let's see .... (However, Cissy is secretly thinking to buy tomorrow an extra pair of gloves, for just in case...)

Highlights of the day

  • Bags are Packed!!! And La Panda won't be feeling lonely; as there are quite some bags stored in the car. Summer dresses, Jurgens beach short - no need to drag those along.

  • Counting down: LESS than 24 hours!!!!

  • Leisurely Relax day, no excursion, as the rain was pouring down this morning. Mid-day it cleared, and we had a nice sun and fresh-snow capped mountains as enjoyable view. 

  • Too funny - the name of the motion sickness pills is 'DRAMA-MINE'. Huh?

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