9.917 km driving and almost ready for cruising to Antarctica

track: Rio Grande to Worlds Most Southern City-Ushuaia, Argentina

After 9.917 km driving, we reached a significant milestone in our Lima to Antarctica trip. We are in time at harbour Ushuaia, where in 3 days we will board to go to Antarctica.

Some preparations still need to be taken care of. Like laundry, and more worrying; it's not clear if the car can stay parked at the hotel. First searches for an alternative parking are not successful yet. It's a Sunday, so we just hope that on Monday we will get this issue out of the way.

Day in key statistics

  • 8.45 am: departure from Rio Grande

  • 237 km: distance covered, all fine tarmac road

  • 13 degrees Celcius: at our arrival in Ushuaia at late lunchtime 

Fun Fact

Google can be very helpful to find specialized services in a city you don't know. La Panda needed a clean up of it's Mud Bath, so we googled 'Laundry Service Ushuaia'.  Wazing our way up there. Hm. We don't think the car will fit in a clothes washing machine... 

Highlights of the day

  • Not in a hurry at all to wake up, it's a half day drive to Ushuaia only. 

  • Not Walking, but Driving on Memory Lane. In 2014 we drove from Ushuaia to Rio Grande as a day trip. Funny to notice the difference in time of the year. Back then in January flowers were blooming.  Half March it is fall, so we enjoyed the beauty of fall-colours settling in.

  • While La Panda was at a proper car laundry service, we had very late lunch at the shopping mall. Hooray, we are back in Argentina, so one of our favourites was available: Provolone Cheese! We were surprised by the perfect oven-provolone cheese at the standard food court that all malls seem to have. Good extra surprise- not all food courts have such a stunning sea bay view.

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