A very flat tire, Hold your Horses!

Track: Salta to Tucuman


Unbelievable. On tarmac all day, and just on 20 meters at gravel side of the road: Cissy managed to slash the right-rear-tire beyond reparation. 

The Gauchos came to rescue, to distract Cissy from the profound scratch on her drivers-ego. Jurgen and Alex were in charge of changing the tire, with a pit-stop time that would plunge Dutch F1  driver Max Verstappen into a deep depression.

In the end, a big stone was the essential part to get the job done. How so? As the default car jack of the Nissan Patrol is not very practical in it's handling.

​​​Day in key statistics


  • 308 km - distance driven

  •  70  minutes to change the tire; not exactly a pit-stop. Mostly as the jack was not feeling like cooperating to lift the Patrol plus luggage up....

  • 16.05 pm - arrival at Tucuman

  • 3.45 hours - time in motion

Fun Fact

Horses... Don't get flat tires... Now there is an idea...
Just only; we are not good horse riders and we have a fixed date of a ship to Antarctica to catch : )


Highlights of the day


  • Hold your horses - literally, no matter the horse power of our Panda car, with a beyond repairable flat tire, you are going nowhere!

  • "Every disadvantage has it's advantage", the quote of legend Cruijff was validated. As suddenly a big group of authentic Argentinean 'Gauchos' passed by and had a break. Cissy had a photography ball - leaving the changing of the tire to the 'guys'. Thanks 'Guys'... Even so, it was a severe scratch on Cissy's drivers ego - less than 20 meters 'off road' on side road of highway: snapping up a flat tire. How??!! Grrrr... Expensive sanitairy break : (

  • With appreciation for the lesson learnt from the Argentinean gentleman who stopped to help. Roll your wheel on a high stone, not to have to lift all the weight of the car by just the car jack. As the Patrol weights by itself 2645 kilo's (plus 140 liters petrol... and plus... euh... abundant amount of luggage weight),it was a very useful new trick to know. 

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