About Jurci Travel

The first Jurci Travel took us to the sizzling heat in Gambia,

the upcoming trip will take us to the freezing South Pole.

Twenty years back Bolivia, La Paz, was our first home-travel-base,

followed by the Netherlands, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar.

Currently Peru is our country of residence / travel starting point. 

About us


– Seven –

loves to drive

Gets energized by off road driving - especially loves dune top cresting.  Latest hobby is flying. With the drone that is.


Google Earth and Garmin are his trip-advisor; meticulously scrutinizing Google Earth to create the most adventurous tracks.


Upload those to the Garmin; fuel up, get the Cola Zero’s and Pocari Sweat chilling and …. let’s go!  He is looking forward to add the Pool circle crossing to his collection of waypoints.


– Five –  

loves to photograph

Enjoys culinary adventures,  like benchmarking Alfajores (Argentina's brilliant cookie).  Since childhood - completely crazy about penguins. 

Stunning sunrises to be admired, a good reason to get up early. Despite the fact that you're not really a morning person...

Loves to translate her professional food and portrait photography skills into travel-landscape images.


She is still dazzled that her dream will come true in 2018. To board a cruiser to Antarctica!

La Panda

– Nissan Patrol  –

loves petrol

La Panda is our home-office, and most importantly; our reliable travel companion.


La Panda never complains, it loves to have his power engine used. High altitude, muddy roads, curvy descends? No problem! That is, not taking into account the fuel consumption.... its a thirsty car!

Goodbye wasting holiday time in garages.  Now just to ensure to do some  Kärcher-Spa treatments on the road to keep the color white...

Such a Joy to do this trip with La Panda!