After 20 years - Back in La Paz, Bolivia

Track: Moquegua, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia


Exciting day for many reasons. Firstly, first time to take the Panda for a high altitude drive. The car cruises fine at 4741 meters altitude, no sweat!

Last time I was in Bolivia I did not even have a driving license... Driving straight into the La Paz clutter, I heard Jurgens remark: ''Even I would not be happy to drive into this chaos of people and market stalls''.


Well, guess I've come a long way since then, Well, guess I've come a long way since then, as we reached the hotel without a single scratch. 

What more changed in twenty years? 


​​​Day in key statistics

  • 442 km - distance covered

  •  8 am - departure time

  •  18.48 pm - arrival in La Paz

  •  6.28 hours - time in motion

  • 4.20 hours - non-driving time; among which crossing the Peru-Bolivian border ​

Highlights of the day:

  • After almost twenty years - we are back in La Paz, Bolivia.

  • Driving via El Alto to Avenida Arce, crossing the ancient centrum of La Paz.
    Now that was some driving challenging fun for Cissy. Parked without anyone hit. Or any scratches on the car.

    Okay to be fair, the parking assist is excellent. With an 8 camera's surround view, it's easy. Especially when you hand over the car keys to the backup driver of the day: Jurgen.

Fun Fact

The first High Altitude day for our Nissan Patrol - La Panda - and it cruises wonderfully at a 4741 altitude!

We surely don't miss the 'Fiesta' warning signs of our former car.


The hotel room for the Panda was on the fifth floor, with a stunning view as well.

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