Day 1 @ 14:50 pm
YAY! Today we board -  to go to the COOLEST place on Earth

track: Boarding at Ushuaia, en route cruising to Antarctica

At the moment of writing: One hour and ten minutes Only... and we head down to the port Ushuaia. To embark at the Ortelius.

At 18.00 pm we cruise of - TO THE COOLEST PLACE ON EARTH! ANTARCTICA!!!

Excuse me for the caps locks, it's just that we are really excited to go!!!!
With the good intentions of:

  • Enjoying Every Minute

  • Not to fall off the Zodiacs during excursions

  • and well, if the Drake Passage is so bad as people horror-story tell us here today. I will stay positive and try to perceive it as a crash diet : )

  • Capturing sweet memories for us and others to enjoy as well. However, not gonna experience it as  'solely looking to the lens', prime focus is on living in the moment and indulging it!

  • To stay warm....

  • And last but not least.... to become best friends with all the Penguins!

Day so far in key statistics

  • 7.50 am - six pieces of luggage are checked in. We are such an amateurs in the concept of travelling light... Looking forward for our Saudi Arabian desert Farwa's (coats) to keep us warm. That is worth a bag on it's own, right?!

  • 11.20 am - La Panda started it's well-deserved Relaxing plan: not moving one inch for 14 days

  • 1 Vulcano dessert at our favorite restaurant: it's loooooovely!)  ​

  • 2 pairs of warm gloves: Talking about Last-Minute-shopping for essential gear...

  • ... to be continued .... as the important statistics of the day... are in the very nearby future... 

Antarctica Fun Fact

The Ortelius is an icebreaker, of Ice class UL1 (equivalent to 1A). No clue what that means, but guess it's a good enough boat to get us safe to the south pole circle.

The total length is 91.25 meters. 

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