Day 11 - Penguin Kisses and Polar Plunge

track: Danco Island & Gerlache Strait 

notes by the Oceanwide expedition team from
the Ortelius official logbook

Date:                       24.03.2018

Position:                 64°45.0‘S, 062°39.8‘W

Wind:                      SE 4

Weather:                cloudy

Air Temperature:   +2

travel log per day by Jurci Travel

'It's 2,5 degrees Celcius outside, and  not snowing. So for those who have the urge to swim in Antarctic Waters- today is the day!" as the cheerful expedition leader Lynne announced at 7.15 am.  

Well,  Jurgen's back issue was a reason for both of us to skip the polar plunge.  No way Jurgen could board a zodiac. He insisted i should go, and hug the penguins for both of us. That mission was successful: bringing back a 360 Penguin kiss!  Do you want to be kissed by a Penguin?  Go and catch You(r)Tube-Penguin Kiss! 

What more surprises the penguins for us? Look at the Gentoo Penguins Fun Facts

Highlights of the day

  • Admiring brave friends taking the Polar Plunge. As we planned to do that together, and Jurgen not being around- I took a pass this time. Not too sure if I would have gone through with it… 

  • Penguins, Penguins, PENGUINS, Penguins – they made me laugh with their wobbly walk, and one would think they should be accustomed to walking on snow and ice. However, quite often – they still manage to slip.

Gentoo Penguin Fun Facts - Clips


Do Penguins sneeze? Watch the clip and spot the...Ha... Haaa. Haaaaa-TSJOE?!
Can Penguins slip? One would say they are accustomed to icy grounds... or not? Join the counting game

Do Penguins sing? We think we heard a penguin love song... What do you think after seeing the clip? 

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