Day 12- The Drake Shake: Two hands for the ship today!

track: Drake Passage: At Sea towards Ushuaia

notes of the Oceanwide expedition team from
the Ortelius official logbook

  • Date:                       25.03.2018

  • Position:                  61°56.1‘S, 062°31.0‘W

  • Wind:                       NNW 7

  • Weather:                 drizzle/rain

  • Air Temperature:   +4

travel log per day by Jurci Travel

The Drake Passage was in a Jolly Good Mood: it was throwing us a party with strong winds, high waves causing funny surprise twists of the ship.  

So all outer decks are closed, as well as the shutters of two windows in the cabin. Jurgen had to stay flat-in-bed, Cissy decided to show some solidarity and stay in bed as well. Or had this to do with easily getting sea sick?

A full day's indoor life at cabin 454 was certainly entertaining. Zapping through the six channels, often the best quality movie was The Ortelius bow camera. So why we watched nine other movies? Well - waves are fascinating, but do tend to stimulate sea sick nausea. 

Highlights of the day

  • Movie time!
    Netflixing move over, this is the professional league!
    1.  Apollo 13
    2. Casino Royal
    3. Three-thirds the movie of Leon
    4. Wozy English mid 18th century movie 
    5. Tears of the Sun
    6. Hercules
    7. Transformers
    8. half movie about Viking tribes fighting each other
    9. Mel Gibson fighting against the English, but not the Braveheart movie. Apparently he had a 'general rehearsal' of this movie genre?

    And the Oscar goes to:
    Our favorite: the Ortelius Bow Camera. Also our favorite movie as it gave a sense of 'outside-cabin-outdoor life'.

  • Preparing for some serious weather - it can't be a good sign as for the first time in the entire trip the technical staff comes in to look down the iron-window shutters? Bye, Bye Sense of time, is it night or mid afternoon? Binge watching and strong medicine- makes you feel out of this world. 

  • High waves with unpredictable movements expected. It made us laugh, and later we experienced what it meant: You lay in the bed, you slide down to the foot end of the bed, few seconds later, the boat moves and you bang your head to the bed's headboard... repeat...

  • Advice of concerned Sava: Move as little as possible. Don't carry things in your hands. It's now two hands for the ship. Also when you are walking inside your cabin,

  • Jurgen has a view more options to lay in the bed, with almost no pain when he keeps still. Taking a shower is out of the question, with the ships stability

Antarctica Fun Fact

The Drake Passage is known as the gateway from South America to Antarctica. The shortest distance is a 1.000 km stretch. 

At the Drake Passage several seas collide, in a brilliant mixture of cold and warm currents, no land mass around to slow the waters down. And it's a bottleneck - so massive amounts of waters trying to swell their way through all at the same time. Add some fierce wind, and you have a perfect mixture for sea sickness.


In 'calm' conditions it takes about two days to cross, and whether you were totally green of jumping around like you were born on a boat, you will survive. For the green ones: The Gentoo Penguins are there to welcome you! so it is all worth it!  

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