Day 13-  Drake Passage Theme Party -  VIP tickets for all Ortelius passengers  

track: Drake Passage: At Sea towards Ushuaia

notes by the Oceanwide expedition team from
the Ortelius official logbook

Date:                    26.03.2018

Position:               59°39.4‘S, 063°48.9‘W

Wind:                    N 8

Weather:               cloudy, rain

Air Temperature:  +5

travel log per day by Jurci Travel


The Ortelius continued the Rock & Roll Ball at the Drake Passage, and all the passengers were invited, for special Drake party themes today.

Party theme at day time:  Drake Shake
Stay indoors, two hands for the ship, and for Brett: Yellow polo with blue, white, red stripes is appropriate wear for the occasion. 

Party theme for the night: Let's Go Wild! - Rock & Roll!
Towards the evening the party vibe changed, from a Drake Shake to a Wild Rock & Roll Party.
What happens at the Ortelius, stays at the Ortelius, so the iron window shutters of the cabins stayed locked down.  For an insight peak - see at the highlights!


Highlights of the day

  • More Movies! Again this day the Oscar goes to the Ortelius bow camera!

  • With the help of strong men - Brett and Arjen, Jurgen could 'break out' of the cabin to get some afternoon distraction at the bar-lounge. There are only so many movies one can bear to binge watch.

  • 17.00 - the afternoons lecture is cancelled, and so is the daily recap of the day. Reason being - even with two hands for the ship, the crew felt is was wiser for the passengers to move around the ship as little as possible.

  • Rock & Roll party theme for the evening and night was full VIP style. So our evening meal was 'Room/Cabin-Service' delivered. By a cheerful crew members of the expedition and hospitality team. Lovely sandwiches (no plates needed, smart thinking), a range of chocolate bars to choose from (YUM!!!) and a well filled fruit basket (eur...pass). 

  • The Ortelius put on it's dancing shoes, and off we were for a full night of Rock & Roll till the early hours of the next morning!

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