Day 14 - mr. Seven back into Chess at Deck 7  

track: last part of the Drake Passage - almost there...
calmer waters of the Beagle channel soon...

notes by the Oceanwide expedition team from
the Ortelius official logbook

Date:                     27.03.2018

Position:                57°10.0‘S, 065°20.3‘W

Wind:                     W 9

Weather:               cloudy

Air Temperature:  +6

 travel log of the day by JurciTravel

Settling accounts can be quite unsettling....During the trip, all expenses at the bar are noted down on our cabin number 454. But today it is pay-day, and on the detailed invoice it makes some things painfully clear. The attempt to stop drinking Cola Light hopelessly ... failed. 

There are always new starts for good intentions, and the super hospitality staff of the Ortelius was directly most supportive, yet, confronting as well....  Last night.. BBQ dinner with drinks on the house, subject to availability...  Cola Light ran out of stock.... that did not happen before as our attentive waiter James informed us. Oeps! Nothing to do with us, right?! ; )


Highlights of the day

  • Jurgen made his way up, sort of independently, to the bar at Deck 7, were the Saudi Arabian farwa's (winter desert coats) came in handy to make him comfortable in lounging on the benches.

  • Facing the reality - tomorrow we will be back in Ushuaia, we enjoyed the lecture of Andrea about this fast growing harbor city. Early 1900 Ushuaia had only 315 human inhabitants. Nowadays 57.000 people call Ushuaia their home city.

  • Settling accounts can be fairly unsettling. As it gives an overview of exactly what one has been consuming. As to into the very detail - the number of chocolate bars as well as the number of ear patches against sea sickness.

  • At the dinner -  our so attentive waiter James, who knows our drinks, informed us with a sweet apologetic smile, "Sorry, we are out of stock. This trip the Cola Light consumption was fair higher than regular. Might have to do with some passengers asking for two Cola Light at breakfast'.
    Who? Us? 
    ; )
    How nice of James to be supportive in our renewed intention to stop drinking Cola Lights! So in that logic, we ordered a Full Cola...

Jurci Travel

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