Day 2 - Calm sea at the Drake Passage does not equal calm stomach

track: breaking through the Drake Passage waves to reach Antarctica

notes by the Oceanwide expedition team from
the Ortelius official logbook

Date:                     15.03.2018

Position:                56°29.3’S, 065°38.8’W

Wind:                     SW 3

Weather:               cloudy

Air Temperature:  +8

travel log per day by Jurci Travel

The first night ever on board of a ship - it will take a bit to get used to 24/7 life on board.

Advantage of boat life: no need for alarm clocks. As expedition leader Lynn puts the intercom to good us, waking us up with a cheerful 'Goooood morning everyone!'
Bringing us up to date: 'We are at full sea now, in the calmest version of the Drake Passage I’ve ever seen (this lady does boating to Antarctica over 17 years). We are at a cruising speed of 11 knots, nice weather outside with a wind of 8 knots. And breakfast is ready to be enjoyed!"

Right. No clou what 8 knots of wind means, let's go outside and find out. But first things first: breakfast!

Day in key statistics

Cissy’s day

  • Zero photos taken: ¿¿¿  … ????    Well that is easy explainable - read on...

  • Less than 1 hour: being in a vertical state (eg sitting or standing)

  • Two oceans colliding: “This is the calmest version of the Drake Passage one can get”, quote Lynn at the mandatory security & safety briefing

  • Three times: Throwing up; had to rush out half way of the briefing, quite embarrassing.
    On the hallway, looking green and with paper bag, an attentive crew member said: “Madam, I would strongly advise you to start taking sea sickness tablets”.  Well, I am… since yesterday evening 19.00 pm…

Jurgen's day

  • Zero sea sickness- Lucky him, good sea-going stomach!

  • One Panda:  Exploring the ship,  he discovered a Panda!

  • Two times surviving the lecture room: the lecture room is at the third floor, in the front of the ship with no windows. Not a good place for non-sea-going stomaches... So Jurgen did enjoy the lecture about Photography by Sandra. The mandatory security & safety briefing was also at the lecture room - no problem for Jurgen. Great, as he had to help out Cissy and Sammy with white paper bags on the hallway...

  • Three meals:  No sea sickness equals enjoying the food on the ship: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is good, and amazing how they manage this for 117 people at the same time. Smooth kitchen operations!

  • A lot of photos taken: of the first birds flying alongside the boat.

Highlights of the day

  • We are on our way!!!!! First time ever sleeping on a boat; we had to both get used to the movements, who are actually not to unpleasant, so after a fairy okay night, we woke up well. Still, I don't see us running off to buy a waterbed after this cruise.

  • Jurgen taking very attentive care of sea sick Cissy. And another lady who was throwing up at the hallway deck 3 presentation room.

  • Being out at the upper deck Seven, we both saw the seabirds flying. They are awefully far away from any shore. So I realised, if they are tired of flying, their only option is to land in the sea. What lead me to wonder -  Would seabirds get sea sick by the Drake Shake? Or would they be so friendly to share their non-seasickness secret with me?

Antarctica Fun Fact

Forget about pills of Drama-mine... sea sickness tables are not going to work. For the practical reason- you take one at 14.00 pm and throw it up at 15.15 pm…

Hooray for on-board doctor Jacco - who patched me up.  Round little band aid 'Patch' behind the ear, and you are good to go. Big advantage: Patches, you can’t throw them up.

Jurci Travel

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