Day 9 - Open waters sea day:
 “One hand for the Ship, One hand for You”  time again

track: working our up North, to Bellingshausen Sea at Antarctica

notes by the Oceanwide expedition staff from
the Ortelius official logbook

Date:                     22.03.2018

Position:                66°34.1’S, 068°17.8’W

Wind:                     NE 6

Weather:               cloudy

Air Temperature:  +2

travel log per day by Jurci Travel

We are complete newbies at cruise-travel life. So our reference was a floating airbed in a swimming pool on a sunny day. We figured that sleeping on board of a ship would be similar. 


Well, for an Antarctic cruise on open sea, think more along the lines of 'Adventure Theme Park' - Roller Coaster section. Indoor fun only today, as the outer decks were closed. Adapting to the wild seas - it is possible to play chess without the chess pieces falling of the board. You just need a Brett!

Highlights of the day

  • Lounging & Sleeping day, as the wind and waves outside were fierce, most of the time the outer decks were closed.

  • Jurgen got involved in the chess corner, losing most of the games. Chess? You just wrote there were fierce waves? Well, it's the digital times now - just make sure the borrowed I-pad from Brett does not fall of the table. T

  • Skipped – the evening dinner. With waves like this, I am completely fine in horizontal position. The idea of sitting up straight and eat… well, we took a pass on that one. Pity as the Chef had Veal Medallions on the menu, which surely will be very tasty.

  • Once you lay down, the rolling and listing of the ship are not bothersome any more. In fact, it feels like floating with an air mattress in a swimming pool. With the slight difference that the swimming pool just went completely crazy, throwing waves at you from all angles.

  • Early evening an interesting patron appeared in the movement of the ship:
    6 to 7 seconds the bow (noose) of the ship lifts itself up, up, up the wave
    followed by 2 to 3 seconds diving down in a big smack, creating a water splash you can hear inside your cabin. Then 6 to 7 seconds up, up, up again, smack down, repeat…

    Sometimes, for the fun of it, this rhythm got spiced up with an impressive
    << Cloinck >> an encounter of the Ortelius with some floating ice. We think…  

Antarctica Fun Fact - Space enough for a loooooooooooong walk!


Best remedy for sea sickness? Go to the nearest solid ground. Right. Let's think this through:

Antarctica is called the ‘White continent’ as 99% of the continent is covered with ice and snow. In the winter the continent doubles in size, by sea water freezing to ice. From the Antarctic shore up to 1.000 km of sea freezes over.


The size of Antarctica is 14.2 million square kilometers (that’s 25% larger than Europe).

If you fancy a long walk: Antarctica has a diameter of 4500 km, so that will take you some days to cover.

And bring your ice-hiking gear, as you will have to cross the Trans-antarctic mountains- find the easiest passage on the 2.900 km long stretch I would advice… As well as don’t cross over at the Vinson Massif, where the highest point of Antarctica lays: 4897 meter.
The lowest elevation is 2540 meter below sea level. Hm? Below sea level?  Yup, that is ice-covered Antarctic land.

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