Day 6 - Whiskey!!! To celebrate 066°33’ = We crossed the Polar Circle!!

track: Cruising Southward and reaching one of the expeditions markers- the Polar Circle

IThank you Arjen Dorst, from the Oceanwide expedition team for capturing this special moment for us!

notes of the Oceanwide expedition team from
the Ortelius official logbook

  • Date:                       19.03.2018

  • Position:                 65°39.9’S, 066°39.5’W

  • Wind:                      SW 8

  • Weather:                cloudy

  • Air Temperature:   +1

travel log per day by Jurci Travel

High waves and 40 knots of wind – that was the Antarctica we woke up to this morning. That meant: Outerdecks closed and so today’s plan A changed for plan B.  One has to be flexible to adapt to weather circumstances on an expedition cruise.

To provide some indoor fun – SALES! Sebastian and Sava opened the Oceanwide gift shop.
In the afternoon we were in for a triple treat: Whiskey, Winter Stories and Seals.

How that relates to go back to plan A? In the cruise
itinerary the plan was to cross the Polar Circle. And we were privileged to do so today!

Highlights of the day

  • Crossing the Polar Circle, big sea ice blocks floating around like confetti to celebrate this marking point. The count down felt like new years eve, only on expedition boats – special occasions are celebrated with Whiskey, not champagne. Works well enough for us!

  • The surprise to encounter a bay full with huge pieces of ice. Looks like seals really love the ‘water-bed-relax-experience’.  As hundreds of them where lounging around, enjoying the sun-rays of the late afternoon. They all looked completely in Zen! Till a huge bow of a ship throws a shadow on your piece of ice; time to move!

  • Presentation of Ian, who spend 2,5 years on Rothera, a British research center. Including during the winter. Amazing stories and most stunning photos of Antarctic winter life. One would get tempted… until he tells about 4 months where no sun is to be seen all day long… that tough!

Antarctica Fun Fact

Ice, Ice, Baby

Scientists say, based on satellite images, that 99,82% of Antarctica is covered by ice. That makes Antarctica the Champion-Record holder as Antarctica on itself is good for 90% of worlds ice. That ice hold about 70% of worlds fresh water. If all this ice would melt, the world’s oceans would rise by  more than 60 meter*.


Eur… looking at the Netherlands: that would mean for sure our house in Delft would be turned into an aquarium – flooded by water. 

Surely we enjoy the ice of Antarctica, even the loud <<Cloincks>> at night of encounters of our ship with ice pieces floating around on their way to sunnier tropical destinations!

*source Lonely Planet Antarctica

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