Day 15: Antarctica - WOW - Totally overwhelming experience

track: Back on solid grounds of the Ushuaia Harbour, Argentina

notes of the Oceanwide expedition team from
the Ortelius official logbook

Date:                                28.03.2018

Position:                          54°48.6‘S, 068°17‘W

Total Distance Sailed:   2.359 Nautical Miles

 travel log of the day by JurciTravel

WOW! wow! Wow! Completely overwhelmed with so many dear memories we felt spaced out, catapulted suddenly back into 'real life' when we returned. It's like, one blink of the eye and already the Ushuaia harbor is in sight.

At the same time, 14 days at the Ortelius and  we feel like we have been away for 5 months: so many, many different impressions and experiences!!! 


Our overall feeling is one of being Extremely Privileged and Grateful.To have been to Antarctica.  To meet so many Penguins. To enjoy the good, fun company of like-minded travelers, crazy about Antarctica as well. To be in good safe hands of well-experienced and well-trained crew of Oceanwide expeditions.


Last but not least, with a slipped disk recovering rapidly - Jurgen was able make the final descent down on the gangway by himself. Thankfully Cissy was to busy carrying the hand luggage for 2 persons to get all emotional about it. But surely moments like that makes one realize, how blessed we are to be travelling, and to be in good health! 

Jurci Travel

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