27 Feb 2018

Track: Loncoche to Puerto Varas, Chile

Day in key statistics

  • 262 km - distance driven

  • 98 km/h average speed in 2.40 hours motion time

  • One crucial Tourist Office visit - meaning we spend the evening re-planning the upcoming week of our trip. Due to a tragic mud-slide at the village Santa Lucia mid December 2017, that part of the road is still blocked. The alternative is a ferry, for which the waiting list is several days. Alfajores here we come- we will reroute through Argentina.

Local Fact

  • The vulcano Osorno has a height of 2661 km above sea level. Wiki says the last eruption was 1869, so we can sleep without any worry!

Highlights of the day​

  • The hotel room has the most perfect view on the vulcanos - waking up, we will see...

9 Dec 2017

We are fortunate to travel - and next best thing to actually being there- we will capture our trip in visuals that hopefully will make you feel like 'I am in the passenger seat' enjoying.

Actually, you might come very close to that - as at this 360 video corner, you can be there with us in Virtual Reality!

9 Dec 2017

It's clear how the floodings did some severe damage to the road from Lima to Canta-la Obrajillo.

For the driver - it means eyes fixed on the road. For the passenger experience - enjoy this 360 video, have a look around with us!


8 Dec 2017

This is gonna be interesting - how to snack and drink only healthy stuff while on an extended road trip. 

Snacking was never a problem before - while the cars get filled up, i would jump out to enjoy the Snack Shopping at the Petrol Station.

Few Cola Zero's, cold, something salty - chips and corn chips, something sweet: M&M, Mars, Twix, Sublime White Chocolate for the Sublime driver. And of course, one has to buy a Jet Vanilla Ice-cream; it's a holiday, right?!

However in 2018 is the year to commit to a Healthy lifestyle.... also meaning:

No More Soda Drinks...

So Let's tackle the 'drinking problem' firstly: bearing in mind the objective- a minimum of 2 liter fluid intake on a daily basis!


Tweaks for tasty drinks

Just came to the shocking realisation: 80% of the d...

8 Dec 2017

When you are not an Early Morning Bird, leaving early is a challenge. However, to give yourself a kick-start avoiding the 'unique' Lima traffic... 5.05 am rolling it is.

On this road trip we will rely on several road navigation systems:

* Compass - in the rear mirror of our car - it indicates what direction we are driving.
S for South that is!

* Garmin - 

* Waze - Google Maps -



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