A Chilly Pisco Sour - by an Angel appearing from Spooky Grey Clouds

track: Boat excursion at Lago Grey, Torres del Paine national park, Chile

Today we signed up for a Boat excursion, embarking at the Lago Grey III to see the Glacier Grey up-close. Great grey cloudy views on vicious pointy mountains.

Next thing- Bright blue Ice and an Angel to keep us warm. In a very ecologically way using the ice of the glacier!

How? By mixing an Original Chilean Pisco Sour – ‘Del glacier Grey”.
Not sure if it’s false or true alcohol keeps one warm, a fact for sure is the boat passengers loved the Chilly Pisco Sour.  

Day in key statistics

  • 22 km/h: Cruise speed of the boat

  • 44 km: distance covered

  • 2,5 hours: time in motion

  • Two Chilly Pisco Sours: Very enjoyable! Fishing for ice, crushing, shaking - Enjoy!
    We just loved the barman skills of Angel. So we left the hefty discussion about the True Origin of Pisco alone this time.
    (Pisco is from Peru, al through Chile claims it is original from Chile. We don’t have an internet connection, so I can’t google if this dispute is ever officially resolved).

Fun (?) Fact

When one boards a boat ‘III”, and the other two are nowhere to be seen… It makes one wonder… what happened to those? Later we decided as there are 3 spots where the Glacier Grey entered the water, so we figured that explains why the Lago Grey is called the Third?!
We wanted to ask the crew, however, I got side tracked as barman Angel Aray started mixing his Chilly Pisco Sour!

Highlights of the day

  • Close up views at the Glacier Grey, which does not honour its name. True, the water of the lake might be grey, but the Glacier itself – it’s a wide pallet of light to dark blue shades, combined with spotless white and shades of the ground colours. It’s an impressive wall of ice, and this is considered to be a ‘small’ glacier.

  • Trying to reverse engineer: Where the new block of ice we saw must have broken off overnight. There were many clear blue ice spots, so this one remains unsolved. Fun to debate about it anyway.

  • No sea-sickness at the boat. DûH. This is just a lake…. So,  Cissy, don’t get your hopes up, as it is beyond any comparison to the Drake Passage (coming up next week, when we cruise off to Antarctica).

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