Cochabamba - Colours Everywhere

Track - Walking and Working

A very enjoyable day at Cochabamba. A morning errand-run, to get some local car insurance arranged, turned out to be a pleasant walk.

Jurgen in suit-and-tie again, off for a work lunch and visit. Cissy leisurely strolling the streets. As you have to be careful not to be run over by speed-loving-bus-drivers, you do have time to admire this 'Art on Wheels'.

What is our top tree of Cochabamba?


​​​​​Day in key statistics

  • Ranked in his personal Best Meat Top 10 - The Lomo Jurgen ate at lunch at La Estancia Restaurant. Thank you, Ricardo!

  • Second time - Jurgen in Suit & Tie, this time to visit the Mayor of Cochabamba

  • Zillion - travel agencies offering tours at the Salar de Uyuni. Surfing for one, Cissy's head was spinning with all the options.
    And decided, oh well, we arrange it tomorrow when arriving there. That's what I did 24 years ago as a backpacker, before the internet days! Let's go outside and ENJOY Cochabamba instead of hanging in front of a laptop!


Strangely enough
Highlight of the day

Finding Heineken beer cans. To celebrate in style the birthday of our friend Serge, R.I.P, with dearest memories.

Fun Fact

Instant Feeling  Happy Rush - looking at the buses in Cochabamba! Someone went out of their way to make each of them Colorful Pieces of Art on Wheels. It's the bus variation of vibrant Carnaval; only this one to be enjoyed all year around!

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