Argentinian Peña - WOW - best way to spend a Saturday night

Track: Tilcara to Salta, Argentina

'Mi Corazon' - my heart was so happy today. Meeting up with Jurgens dad and his spouse Graciela - whom we did not see for a too long time. Catch-Up family time! 

Salta is, among others, famous for its peñas. Best of several worlds come together there: Good Food and Drinks, Shared with Family&Friends and Live Music!
Rodrigo Moro - what a voice, what a performer, music how music is supposed to be!

Was my theory about 'mandatory words' in Latin songs validated?

​​​Day in key statistics​​


  •  216 km - distance covered

  •  10.09 am - departure time

  •  15.10 pm - arrival at Salta

  •  3.14 hours - time in motion

Fun Fact

My theory; that in every Spanish song at least once the word 'Corazon' ( heart ) or 'Amor' ( love) should be incorporated; is validated in the Saltenean Peña

Highlights of the day

  • Hugging Alex and Graciela - Family Time!

  • Rodrigo Moro- what a voice and great performer!

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