Ruta Nacional 40 - the 

33 - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Day in key statistics

  • 6.08 am: departure time

  • 592 km: distance covered

  • 14.56 pm: arrival time

  • 1.75 US dollar: for an Elvis concert

  • 360 degrees learning curve – 5 seconds count-down for the ‘Hide-and-Seek’

Highlights of the day


  • Divine Pastas of Don Chiquino!!! See blog about this wonderful restaurant

  • Playing Hide & Seek with Stefania of Don Chiquino. As we were figuring out the 360 VIRB photography. Next project will be the 360VIRB movie editing

  • Crossing the border smooooooooooooooooooothly

Fun Facts -  about Nutrition-Energy balance

  • An unexpected nutrition-energy advice of a charming professional. The key is non-processed foods:  Fruits, veggies, chicken/fish/mushrooms. Zipping on my Cola Zero I had the most interesting conversation. She gave me a handout in Spanish to study. Inspiring lady to have crossed paths with.

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