From Explor Napo Lodge to Amazon Garden Eco Lodge

Track: Explorer Napo Lodge to Amazon Garden Eco Lodge

A stunning drive from Cochabamba to Salar de Uyuni, passing the Garden of Stones as one of the many lovely sceneries.


Close to Uyuni, we had to call in the help of the Orange Warriors to make our Mud-Brown car sparkling white again.


As the Panda never saw a train in its life, so we went to the train station at Salar de Uyuni. Where we quickly concluded those trains won't be our alternative transport for the rest of the trip.


However, we spectacular surprise was awaiting us:  Storm with Thunder! ¡WoW!

​​​Day in key statistics

  • ​585  km - distance covered

  • 5.30  am - departure time (augh! That was early!) 

  • 14.35  pm - arrival at Salar de Uyuni

  • 7:55  hours - time in motion​

Highlights of the day

  • Playing with Daniel and the Orange Warriors

  • The first flight with our drone at our holiday - at the stunning location 'Jardin the Piedras'- the Garden of Rocks. Enjoy the flight and the scenery - clip.

  • In Uyuni: Dark Stormy Skies. Thunder! Lighting! More Thunder and Lightning! Impressive nature forces at work - we loved it!

Fun Fact

As the rims of the wheels of our Panda were severely clogged with mud - we decided to stop and have the car cleaned.

Daniel, the four year old of the owners, was good company. He took his backpack, with an endless amount of toys in it. Which he showed all to us, we admired all of them with the appropriate "Wow's".

Boys being Boys - then the puppets had to fight. Of course we were pleased to see that his Orange warriors always win!


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