Jurci in the Jungle

Trip report of the 10 days exploring the Peruvian Jungle

Jurci in the Jungle - travel log per day

1. Xmas in Iquitos

Track: Lima to Iquitos

After the Best Xmas meal ever and fireworks, we leave for the Jurci in the Jungle trip.  Iquitos can't be reached by tarmac. So our Panda (nickname for our car) will stay in Lima. It was not to keen on the mosquitos anyways.

We have 200 liter of 50% Deet anti mosquito repellent and after-bite-cream, so we are all set to go. 
We are really excited to go!!!!
With the good intentions of:

  • Enjoying Every Minute

  • Not to fall off the boat and become Piranja food

  • See Pink Dolphins

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Day 1- @ 17.17 pm: Polar Circle, here we come!

Track: Port Ushuaia via the Beagle Canal to open sea to set Southward

After months of joyful anticipation and buying fleeces, thermo-shirts and thermos-leggings, waterproof parka’s:


We really are off cruising to the South Pole!


Walking up the ship, we noticed in the waiting line it is a very mixed group of passengers – in ages and in nationality. There was even one guy in shorts, I wondered if I should inform him- "Hey, we are going to Antarctica... it's Cold there..." 

We settled in our lovely cabin, Jurgen switched his Garmin to 'nautical mode' and off the security briefing we were

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Day 14 - Drake Shake: mr Seven back to play Chess on deck 7

Track : Drake Passage

Settling accounts can be quite unsettling....

During the trip, all expenses at the bar are noted down on our cabin number 454. But today it is pay-day, and on the detailed invoice it makes some things painfully clear.

Cissy's the attempt to stop drinking Cola Light hopelessly ... failed.  Like big time failed. Oh, well, good new intentions is made 'Once off the boat I will stop'. Well, the super hospitality staff of the Ortelius had an other plan in mind.  

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Day 15 - Back on solid ground

Track : Beagle channel and disembarking at Ushuaia Harbour

WOW! wow! Wow! Completely overwhelmed with so many dear memories we felt spaced out, catapulted suddenly back into 'real life' when we returned.

It's like, one blink of the eye and already the Ushuaia harbor is in sight. At the same time, 14 days at the Ortelius and  we feel like we have been away for 5 months: so many, many different impressions and experiences!!! 

It has been a Totally Overwhelming experience. Our overall feeling is one of being Extremely Privileged and Grateful, for many reasons:
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