About Curves,  continuous lines and Bienvenido a Chile

Track: Las Leñas, Argentina to Santiago de Chile, Chile

Leaving behind the unconnected reality of Las Leñas - we entered the road fun of Chile, starting out with 17 U-shaped curves!

Beautiful sights on mountains, and later on lush green valleys. Sometimes the views were blocked a bit slow driving trucks. Nothing to be done about that, as in Chile, you better not cross the yellow
continuous line at the road.

We drove 171 km, to find out at the end of day that 2.05 meter or 1.95 meter can be an essential difference. 

​​Day in key statistics


  • 171 km - distance driven

  • 17 curves - in the first 25 minutes after entering Chile. We loooooved it! Top Gear road!

  • Many yellow double continuous lines - signifying - patience testing Jurgen as those lines can't be crossed to take over nerve testing sloooooooooow trucks. In Rome, do as the Romans do. In Chile - we know from experience, better 'Respect the Road Rules'

  • 10 or more tunnels - testing the nerves of slightly claustrophobic Cissy. Jurgen was very helpful in comforting "you know these tunnels are really old". Seriously? It's not comforting to know a tunnel is 'really old' - as it makes me wonder directly about.. maintenance and stuff...

  • 2.05  hours - time in motion

  • 60 minutes - border crossing  'Paso Internacional Los Libertadores' Argentina to Chile

​​​Fun Fact

  • The border crossing from Argentina to Chile takes place inside a fairly loooong tunnel. One (Jurgen  perhaps?) might miss the 'tunnel-road-signs': First Argentina wishing you a 'Buen Viaje'- Good Safe Travelling, followed by a friendly Chilean 'Bienvenido-Welcome' to Chile.

    No worries, there is an other way to know where you exactly crossed the border line.

    Somewhere halfway the tunnel, the lights change from cosy-yellow warm light and bit wobbly asphalt road to efficient blue-ish bright LED-lights and very leveled concrete road.  

Highlights of the day:​​

  • Zig-Zag 17 curves down the impressive massive mountains at the Chilean border

  • Arriving mid-afternoon in Santiago de Chile, in soaring heat! Like, the cutlery on the terrace, which had be lying in the sun, it was to hot to handle

  • Parking la Panda. Indication of height: 1.95 meter. The specs of La Panda is that the height is 2.05 meter.

    Back to the main entrance... The Manager and the Handyman of the Double Tree were most hands on. Measuring tape, slowly slowly, and La Panda found it's secured double (it's a bit wide) parking spot : )

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