DAKAR 2020 is about to start!

Kick off day: Dakar Competitors Village & Dakar Festival


Dakar is world famous. We knew it is the most challenging rally there is. But we had No Idea how huge and massive it is. 

Today we had a first impression of the Dakar Rally world! 

We are at team #152 - biker Phil Wilson. His technical support team is - Bas Dakar KTM racing team. From the Netherlands!

First focus is on Phil, but we are fan of the Dutchies, Saudi's, Qatari's and Peruvians who are participating!

Phil & Bas Dakar KTM Racing team
Phil is part of the Bas Dakar KTM Racing team. He is with 2 other team mates a newbie at the Dakar. Others - have been in earlier Dakar rallies. Surely Bas Dakar crew has everything well under cruise control. 

So well organized, and as their crew clothing says: Ready to Race!