Start of DAKAR 2020 - stage 1

stage 1: Jeddah to Al Wajh

Don't expect to sleep in when following the Dakar 2020. 

The benefit - you gotta witness stunning sunrises at the Dakar start.


Ain't awake? Well, the sound of the engines and taking off TV helicopters takes care of that!


We are supporting Team #152, and of course the other bikers of team Bas Dakar.


And the ones of our former countries: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Peru and all the Dutchies at the rally.

Day in key statistics

  • ​Stage 1 from Jeddah to al Wajh =  752 kilometer to cover in total

  • Special Stage is 319 km. That means 319 km of the total distance is the competition part. 

  • Phil did well the first day - taking position 98 in the ranking of stage 1.

#115 Olaf Harmsen - Dutch

#152 - Phil Wilson - New Sealand. "Go Dad, go!"

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