DAKAR 2020 - Jurci back in Saudi Arabia

Trip report of Jurci following Dakar 2020

DAKAR 2020 - team # 152
travel log per day

Stage 2: Al Wajh > Neom

Leaving Al Wajh, we managed to catch the start of Phil and some of his team mates at the DSS. 

From there on, looking for a horizontal line with dust flocks - a clear indication some Dakar 2020 action is going on.

Our action was finding the action and having a roof party to capture it!

Stage 1: Jeddah > Al Wajh

Don't expect to sleep in when following the Dakar 2020. 
The benefit - you gotta witness stunning sunrises at the Dakar start.
Ain't awake? Well, the sound of the engines and taking off TV helicopters takes care of that!

We are Team #152, and of course supporting the other bikers of team Bas Dakar. And the ones of our former countries: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Peru and all the Dutchies at the rally.

DAKAR 2020 is about to start!

Kick Off day

Dakar is world famous. We knew it is the most challenging rally there is. But we had No Idea how huge and massive it is. 

Today we had a first impression of the Dakar Rally world! 

Meet Competitor #152 - Phillip Wilson

a Kiwi on his bike in Saudi Arabia

Phillip Wilson - we know him as solid driver of an awesome Landrover Defender. He managed to maneuver it steady through the sand dunes of the Empty Quarter, back in the days of 2010. 
Almost ten years later - he takes on a whole new challenge: Participant #152 on his bike - at the first edition of the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia.


Track: Riyadh the roundabouts of Diplomatic Quarters and Diriyah

Happy day today, meeting with Maria Mexico, like it was just yesterday we met last. Hugely surprised to feel the new vibrant vibe at the Diplomatic Quarters.

While travelling, one always bumps into wanderlust Dutchies. Well, that applies to the Peruvians as well - my various worlds coming together at the DQ.

T-minus-one: packing the Pajero and performing to critical tests before we hit the road. Not entirely damage free, but hey, that is why preparations tests are important...

Track: Riyadh 1 jan

Indulge! You deserve it....

Seriously? At the corner of the Mutawa's (religious police) is now a terrace. Where ladies sit outside in the open, eat and drink.


Without need to cover their hair. And you don't have to wear a black abaya any more.


Unthinkable back in the 2007 days. Positive culture shock! 

Track: Riyadh 31 dec

Last day of 2019... with tonight's sure win of the 30 million lottery:
Let's go to our favorite outdoor store.

Oh!  We looooove the new additions to the camping products at Al Sanidi.

Exactly what we missed in our off-road set: An iron powered by the car's battery...

Right! One has to look sharp in the desert!!! 

Track: Riyadh 30 december


The last days of this decennial we will be back on Memory Lane. 

Comparing Riyadh anno 2007 versus anno now - 2019!


And most importantly - meeting up with dear 'old' friends.

Dakar 2020 - new tracks for Jurci

Track: Destination Saudi Arabia

'Oh! If only we still lived in Saudi' - our reaction when we heard Dakar 2020 would be on Saudi soil.

We are very fortunate that Phil, participating at the Dakar 2020, trust Jurgens driving style enough to... borrow us his Mitsubishi Pajero. 

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