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37/2 : Estancia Santa Thelma, Patagonia, Argentina


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Patagonian Life Facts - Fox versus Sheep Math 

Let's do some Fox-Sheep math:
A fox kills about 1 or 2 two sheep a night. Let's say it's a lazy fox, killing only one a night (also, it's easier to do the math with).
Your herd is 1.000 sheep.
How many time your sheep herd will last?
1.000 sheep : 365 days : 1 sheep-killed-a-night = Two years and seven months, and all your sheep will have been killed.

However - that math is not correct. Yep, of course baby lambs will be born. However, the calculation above is based on the false assumption that there is only one fox active...

Now we do understand the hard life of sheep in Patagonia, and it's keepers of the Estancia. And Tthe high number of fox skins hanging around... Foxes and the owners of estancias with sheep herds - they are not the best friends. 

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