First Miles heading to the South Pole

Track: Lima to Camana, Peru


A good start is half the work, as a Dutch saying goes.  Leaving Lima at 5.46 am surely was a good start: no traffic clutter on our way out. 

Just after the small town of Chincha, there is the place where they serve the best French Fries in Peru. Also at 8.05 am in the morning!

As we realised we will miss out on the Peruvian culinary delights for quite some time, we had a lunch at one of our other favourite restaurants 'on the road'. 

Wondering if Cissy nearly died again there? See at 'Fun Fact' for lessons learnt about how to Not Die while indulging Peruvian food.


Day in key statistics
  • 831 km - distance driven

  • 5:46 am - departure time

  • 18:36 pm - arrival at Camana

  • 9: 49 hours - time in motion

  • 2.59 hours - break time for relaxing

  • 34.5 Celsius - max temperature of the day, at 12.30 pm  

Highlights of the day
  • After months of anticipation and planning: off we are,  starting our Lima-to-Antarctica trip, see clip 'The First Miles to Antarctica'

  • For breakfast: the best French Fries in Peru. That are actually Dutch French fries - flown in from Holland, who would ever have thought that. And most likely, this place has the most stylish and clean restrooms of any road restaurant in Peru as well!

  • Ceviche Corvina at Chala - Cevicheria Don Secuna; perfect like always. And when you know how to eat your ceviche without dying , one can enjoy the lovely views on the local fishermen harbour and summerly beach life. 

Fun Fact - How not to die when eating a Ceviche

On my defence - back in December 2015, we were still 'newbies' in Peru. Arriving in winter time, I was hooked on Lomo Saltado and 'Causa de Pollo'.  Sitting in the sun on a nice terrace, it was Ceviche time.

Of course, as a traveller you have to be aware of some essentials do's and don'ts in the food section. So yep, normally, eating raw fish would not be on the top of my list. That said, we are sitting Right In Front of the Fish Market at the Chala harbour. Reckon the fish can't get any fresher than that!  


The served ceviche looked amazing, and with no risk of the 'food getting cold', I first snapped a photo. I was pleasantly surprised to see Red Bell Pepper as one of the ingredients. So let's start with that - and nearly Die...

First, my lips burnt and swoll up like a bad overkill botox job, then my tongue and throttle swoll up and my face became as red as a red bell pepper. Jurgens' face was red as well, with tears in his eyes. But in his case, that was cuz he was nearly dying from laughter...

As that was Rocotto! And  I had eaten it in one whole piece. And Rocotto, in raw uncooked form, is,  well... let's say... Super Spicy ....


First Aid Rocotto Rescue
No water or drinks at the table. So when Jurgen got himself to grips, realising something Had To Be Done Quick; he ran to get some water. That helped a bit.
Later we discussed - best would have been to eat dry white rice. Or - as we both agreed- even better: just see the Rocotto as a garniture, there for the show but not to eat.


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