Relaxing: sleeping inn, scenic easy drive, lounging at sun set

Track: Camana to Moquegua, Peru


A scenic easy drive from Camana to Moquegua, just 264 km so no need to get up early.  Perfect tarmac, what a joy to drive at, so our Panda was very happy today.

Relaxed poolside afternoon, yathzee competition heating up.  Sunset was the orange-blue highlight of the day - absolutely stunning!

On the road, we found out about the Nasca graffiti skills of the toddler of our good friends. Interesting, his take on the Nasca lines...


Day in key statistics

​ ​

  • 264 km - distance covered​

  • 9:38 am - departure time

  • 13:37 pm - arrival at Moquegua

  • 3:40  hours - time in motion

  • 19 minutes - fuel station pit stop

  • Only two times: number of  toll boots passed (8.75 soles each)

Highlights of the day

  • Sleep in at Camana, as we only had a short distance to cover

  • A relaxed afternoon with stunning sunset at Moquegua

  • Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow: as we will be back in La Paz, Bolivia after 20 years!

Fun Fact
We know the kid of good friends of ours is an active little boy, full of mischievous original ideas. We have to say, we are impressed by his take on the Nasca lines. Also, as for a two-year-old, it is really cool you are already know how to spell your name!


Note: In Peru, part of election campaigns is to use rocks and walls of houses and buildings as a canvas for your name and election slogan. We don't know if this Dante got elected, but he surely had picked a key spot for his promotion. 


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