From Jungle Book to Pirates of the non-Caribbean at Puerto Guadal

35: Puerto Guadal, Chile 

Terra Luna, at Puerto Guadal, has the loveliest cabanas, tree huts, domes and a pirate boat to spend the night.

The first night we spend in a tree hut - waking up in the high front row seat to enjoy the first rays of sunlight striking the Andes mountain peaks.

From our Jungle Book tree hut we went to our boat: Pirates of the Non-Caribbean.

With a 14 days boat tour to Antarctica in prospect, we reckoned we could do with some boating experience.

Day in key statistics

  • One LamSac of FatBoy, several beers, five dices, one JBL boom box + I-pod = all you need for a good life afternoon on the Deck One of the boat

  • No sea sickness pills needed, the boat is amazingly stable

Highlights of the day

  • Yup, we can do boating life: sun, water, walk to the restaurant for an abundant hamburger lunch. We easily adapt to this life style!

  • Now we are used to boating life - let's try some flying. Enjoying to fly the drone to get some higher up perspectives on the port and the surrounding mountain peaks

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