Smooooth Abundant Green Roads leading to El Chiflon desert

Track: Tucuman to El Chiflon, Argentina

Leaving the abundant greens of Tucuman, on to the dry Chiflon desert. At these desolate stretches you better fuel up, as petrol stations are scarce in number.

The Shell station has been around for a long time, as they have Industrial Art at display: the first Petrol Pumps. Antique by now!

At Chiflon we were greeted by a blazing heat, best described as 'walking in the breeze of a hair-dryer on full -heat'. We loved it! 

​​​​Day in key statistics


  • 544 km - distance covered

  • 39.7 Celsius / 103.5 Fahrenheit at our end destination El Chiflón

  • 5.02 hours - time in motion

Highlights of the day


  • Another surprise of the day - admiring the antique industrial art: The Petrol Pump at the Shell petrol station. We are trying to find out which year it was made- ''Industria Argentina, modelo F.1934, nr. de construction 2002'. We keep you posted when we figured it out!

  • Imagine:  To walk in the breeze of a hair-blower on full heat'. It resembles how it feels to walk at mid-day in El Chiflón. Definitively our type of climate we flourish in.  

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