La Paz - Good Morning Illumani and rediscovering 'our' city

Track: getting re-acquainted with La Paz city, Bolivia


Twenty years back from our first apartment we had a full view on our beloved Illumuni mountain. We woke up to the same view this morning. A beautiful Deja Vu! 

Being in La Paz feels like being back home again after a too long time.

12.064 steps in a city on 11.942 feet* altitude - that might have been a bit much for the first day... Hoeray for coca-tea!


Today was a feast of recognition; you still need to bargain the taxi prices down to half of it, and the mystic spell of the witch market seems timeless.  And there were many new surprises. Like new colours appeared into the city street view - which makes one float!  How so? Take the cable car!

​​​Day in key statistics

  • 7.7 km - distance covered... note: by feet!!!

  • 12.064 steps - what might have been a bit much on a first day at high altitude...

  • 14 floors climbed  - according to I-phone tracking

Highlights of the day:

  • Goooood Morning to 'my' Mountain - the Illumani!!

  • Sweet Memory Lane. See the two orange hearts in the picture? Slightly tacky, I know.  It marks the location of the first apartment we lived in together. With often Judith hanging around as the extra kid in the Los Pitufos team.
    Jurgen loved to sit right at the edge of the terrace, giving me and Judith the biggest scares.

    We plan to visit our neighbours, the Brazilian embassy, to ask if they ever found back the parasol we lost.... 

  • El Teleférico, the new colourful cable cars: Absolutely Brilliant way to see the city from above. Float with us at youtube:  La Paz Cable Cars 

  • The Sagarnaga - the Witch Market. A small steep street up, where you can find a cure for anything that might be bothering you.

  • Be aware - for most things you need to hustle and hassle to get it down to about half the amount that was originally mentioned. So make sure you are not in a rush visiting the Witch Market. Also... you will be gasping for air - steep walk up & 3640 altitude is not the best combination...

    Hey, wait! We Are at the Witch Market... Surely there will be a cure to solve this at hand here...

Fun Fact

Want more energy? Buy a sun Inca sun amulet. Ensuring your road trip will be a good one? Bargain to get your Condor to be dragged along for the rest of your trip. In need of some extra good luck? The desiccated frogs will do just that.


Looking up, you probably have to look twice to let it sink in:  Those are dried baby llama and llama fetuses hanging over there.
Yes, Seriously.
These LLamas are not there as a tourist gadget but deeply rooted as an important part of the Pachamama offering rituals. Pachamama stands for  'Mother Earth'. It's believed that a buried llama on a construction site will keep its workers safe.

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