The Colours of Peru 

The colours in Peru are just amazing. The light is wonderful, rays of sunlight, clouds painting a interesting light show in the sky.

And intriguing - everywhere in Peru the outsides of homes are painted in vibrant colours. We don't have that in Holland. And it always makes me wonder - how does the family decide on what colour the house will be? 

AP2_3221-AmaraPhotos.com-2014-02-05-AmaraPhotos.com-JurciTravel- 2014-02-05
AP2_3369-AmaraPhotos.com-2014-02-05-e-AmaraPhotos.com-JurciTravel- 2014-02-05
AP2_3258-AmaraPhotos.com-2014-02-05-AmaraPhotos.com-JurciTravel- 2014-02-05
20140205_102110-AmaraPhotos.com-2014-02-05-AmaraPhotos.com-JurciTravel- 2014-02-05

''Hey! I don't see Machu Picchu on the list?''

Well spotted! There is a very good reason
for this Inca site is not on this list :

Machu Picchu is 
a Magic League on its own!

A class apart, as you will see when you visit the Machu Picchu gallery.

Intriguing, special memories, surprising, heart warming, at home in Peru

Since August 2015 we are priveleged to call Peru for four years our home.

With that time frame as starting point;
the five highlights are based on one or more of the key words.
With the highlights determined - time to walk the enjoyable memory lane to select the best images for each highlight.

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