Home-Hotel-Office at Double Tree hotel

Track: Hotel room to Lobby and Jurgen @ the Office... walking to Sushi Restaurant

Mexico, Japan, Qatar, Lima getting together in one day in Santiago de Chile.


And of course, it all had to do with eigther food or road fun. Facing irrational fear for rules and coping with severe disappointment, yet a day full of highlight regardless.


Day in key statistics

  • Two Taco's - that did not deserve it's name; it's a mistake to go to this fast food Mexican restaurant

  • Lot's of Fine Sushi - The Warrior, The Lucky Mango - erasing the lunch failure memory

​​​Fun Fact


Driving in Santiago de Chile. Strange mind twist - I easily drive in Qatar, Lima and packed La Paz. I can handle anarchy, not obeying rules (by others of course, not referring to Jurci), and road chaos. Santiago de Chile is sooooooooooooooo organised it scared me.


Dropping the car at the Nissan for the 5.000 km service was a good way to get re-acquainted with proper driving I guess...

Highlights of the day:​​​​

  • Sushi!

  • The lovely 80-90 music to enjoy at the hotel lobby. 

  • Boring maybe, but getting stuff out of the way, laundry, digital filing & editing, catching up with JurciTravel road log,  rearranging bags and grocery shopping - gives a sense of satisfaction also. Thus, can be counted as highlight!

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