Hotel Luna Salada from dusk till dawn

Track: from hotel room, to lobby, to restaurant to heli-platform


A strike in Salar de Uyuni blocked the roads, so we were 'locked in' at our hotel.

Good timing - as it coincided with the first day of the 'travellers belly' one is about certain to catch at an extended road trip.

The spectacular ending of the day: Thunder and Lighting!


Day in key statistics


  • 1rst day - of the feared travellers belly. It was not too bad, just to be sure to be in a reasonable range of sanitary.

  • therefore ... less than  1  km - in motion, no driving, just minimum of walking

  • 1 condor - an artistic one


​​​​Local Fact

There was a strike in Uyuni, blocking the major roads. The protest against the municipality was amongst others to get better drainage systems in place.

Due to the blocked roads, at 7.30 am we got a What's App, 9.00 am departure will not be possible. Maybe around 11 am.... Oh well, let's reschedule for tomorrow.


Highlights of the day


  • Early morning: Getting the First Aid bag from the car at 7.36, first peaks on the wonderful mirror of a wet Salar de Uyuni.

  • Throughout the day: Feeling only 'so-so', it's very comforting to stay at a cosy hotel room and hotel with all facilities- firewood heated public seating areas we really appreciated, as a change of 'scenery' from our hotel room.

  • The spectacular ending of the day: A literal highlight of the day this time. Highlights- as we saw again so many thunder lights illuminating the sky above Salar de Uyuni.


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