Garbage Sunrise & singing in the rain with King Penguins!

track: Punta Arenas, Chile to Rio Grande, Argentina

Lining up to board the ferry, we got the doubtful joy of finding beauty in a Garbage Sunrise. Sad to notice how plastic waste conquers the world everywhere.

Leaving the ferry we discovered a vicious little nail that wanted to tag along to our penguin visit. Signifying: our third flat tire of the trip.

Oh well, fix it with a Sunny patch and back on track to visit the King Penguins!  

Day in key statistics

  • First ferry boat trip - for La Panda, about 2,5 hours crossing to Porvenir

  • Second time -  that we were up close to a King Penguin, in it's own natural habitat!

  • Third flat tire - this time caused by a vicious little nail, that as a stowaway tried to get a ride to see the Penguins. Luckily the tire was still repairable, as we know from former experience (Flat Tire Numero Uno - that the 20 inch tire we need are not sold in Argentina).

King Penguins Facts

In 2010 the first King Penguin set foot on the shore of the officially called 'Bahia Inutil- the Useless Bay'. Well,  I vote for a renaming of the bay's name, as how can a bay where my beloved King Penguins live be called 'the Useless Bay'.  Singing King Penguin Bay is much more appropriate!

Nowadays it is possible to see King Penguins all year around at this national park.  Depending on the season, there are 20 to 80 King Penguins around. The visitors hide behind a wall and from there can enjoy observing the funny life at a King Penguin colony. They push each other over, hug the fluffly babies, have fierce group discussions, some loners decide to take a break - wandering off in it's funny wobbly penguin walk. Never minding the pouring rain, it was wonderful and so funny to watch.

And... to listen to the Penguin Concert- they make the most funny and different sounds. Singing in the Rain, part Two should be taped in Porvenir soon. I gladly would volunteer to film it : )

Highlights of the day

  • Strangely enough, the garbage sunrise was beautiful.

  • King Penguins! King PENGUINS!!!! KING PENGUINS!!!! Lot's of King Penguins, such a privilege to observe them up-close

  • Getting a taste of 'boat life'. This time only 2.5 hours, enough to realize we need to stock up in sea sickness pills, looks like Cissy gets nauseous fairly easily, even on calm waters like we had between Punta Arenas and Porvenir. 
    Lessons learnt - value as Highlight!

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