La Panda thinks it's a Zebra; let's have a non active day : )

Track: hotel only

We woke up to the intense desert heat, so lovely! The Panda had good fun as well, converting itself for the day to the Zebra look.

There are stunning national parks to visit close-by,  however, we decided to be completely lazy and just do.... as close to nothing as is possible. Enjoying the heat, the fine food and games


Or were we challenged to go and be active after all? 


Day in key statistics


  • We are on a lazy day. Let's skip the statistics ; P​

Highlights of the day


  • Zebra: looking outside to find out that our car was changed in a Zebra look. Funny shadow effect!

  • LAZY: yes, there are stunning national parks to visit here. However, sometimes one just needs a break from all impressions. Yahtzee, Siesta and Lazy day it is!

  • Sometimes one gets surprised: This time by the quality of the restaurant. The 'Medallion de Lomo' was so fine that it ended up in Jurgen's favourite top Ten places to eat a Lomo. 

  • HOPPING: after sunset, it cooled down, and the Hoptoads take over the place. So out of the lazy mode, let's go for some Action Photography. I anticipated having to run after hopping Hoptoads, so in a hurry, I grabbed the camera. Quick! Before they hop off into the darkness.

    Well, that hurrying up was unnecessary... I don't know why they are called Hoptoads.
    All they do is sit around in a frozen pose, looking like the sibling of the Grumpy Cat. 

    Quite boring actually, so I tried to get some action without disturbing them. Clearly, I was happy nobody passed by, hearing me talking to the Toads: ''Come on! You can do it! Smile for the camera''. And ''Hop, Hop, you can do it''. 

    Oh well, Hoptoads won't make it to my top ten of favourite animals, regardless, I had a good laugh with them, which surely counts as a highlight of the day.

Fun Fact

  • We mix 'Old School' with 'Nowadays'. Meaning; we bought the Lonely Planet of Argentina, Chile and Antarctica today.

    To combine the Google Earth information with hands-on practical information. We plotted lines on the gravel roads inside the national parks. Hm... you can only go in with a guide. Lonely Planet preparation could have informed us about that, saving the deception. Guess we got too spoilt in Saudi Arabia... driving where ever... 

    Anyways - we are tuning in to 'nowadays' - Lonely Planets in digital format instead of the paper books. Snif! 

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