Check; all Cable Car lines done ! and culinary Adventure at Gustu

Track: Memory Lane La Paz 20 years back and nowadays

It was all about achieving new personal records today: 
Firstly - celebrating our 20th year Jurci anniversary.

Secondly - joining the Guinness Book of Records: La Paz features in it with the record of 'the longest cable car line in the world'. We went at the yellow line today, the last one to complete all 30 kilometres of cable car coverage La Paz has.

Lastly, we did set some personal records in the category 'gastronomy'. I have to say, sometimes a 'more-or-less' understanding of Spanish can be a great aid to actually achieve a new record. How so? 

Day in key statistics

  • Yellow! –  today we completed all the Teleferico lines that are currently in operation in La Paz

  • 20! - Today it was exactly 20 years ago we started living together. The first apartment was on Avenida Arce - with stunning views on my dear Illumani mountain! Our hotel room now has the same view, wow! We are truly privileged!

  • First! Penguin of the trip, discovered by Jurgen


Highlights of the day

  • Gustu! a culinary adventure at Worlds 23rd Best Restaurant

  • Stunning views at La Paz valley and mountains at the end station of the Yellow Cable Car  line

Fun Fact

Sometimes a disadvantage can be an advantage. Like a  'more or less' level of Spanish. So you can enjoy eating pork.... right? Well, let's say, it did made me set a new personal record in the 'gastronomy' section I otherwise would not have....  ... see blog 'Gustu' ...

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