Leaving in spooky fog : 9 Celcius to Arrive in Bright Sun 26.6 Celcius

Track: La Paz to Cochabamba, Bolivia

Leaving La Paz hidden in a chilly spooky fog, we drove towards the sun in Cochabamba.

The Panda had good fun on some muddy roads, so first things first: getting the car de-mudded to its original white colour...

After that, time for a walk through the city centre. Taking in the abundance of colours, and enjoying the beautiful blossoming flower and lush greenery. 

What did we not enjoy? Mosquitos in our room... 

​​​Day in key statistics

  • 390  km - distance covered

  •  7.15 am - departure time

  •  13.05 pm - arrival at Cochabamba

  •  5:45  hours - time in motion

  • From 4467 meters altitude to 2528 meter altitude in Cochabamba

Highlights of the day 

  • Arriving early in the afternoon, meant there was time for a walk in the ancient centre of Cochabamba.

  • The city centre is a combination of mainly well maintain gorgeous buildings; painted in vibrant colors, fresh green plants and abundant blossoming flowers and friendly people - enjoying a relaxed Sunday afternoon. The park was buzzing - lovely charming city to relax! 

Fun Fact

Extreme 'Clean-Over'.... Before... After....

Fun Fact 2

On our way out, we passed Forum, the discotheque where we saw each other for the first time, 20 years back.

Yep, we are getting old- did not go there after the overwhelming Ant-Eating Experience we decided to call it a day and skip Forum.


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