24 - Looking like a Lost Puppy - gets you free rides

Track: Taxi, Walking, Bus, Metro in Santiago de Chile (Cissy) - @ the office (Jurgen)


Shop-till-you-Drop, this time for a new tire for the car. Looking like a lost puppy does help.  To get you from the middle of industrial nowhere to downtown.

Downtown I got confronted with a delicate discussion: is Pisco by origin a Peruvian or Chilean drink? An apron came to the rescue to settle that dilemma: Pisco is... 


Day in key statistics

  • One free bus ride  - see fun facts

  • Start of new addiction: Capuccino Helado at the DoubleTree hotel lobby

  • Mail Mountain Monday - First workday of the week for Jurgen, who besides meetings had to conquer his Inbox Email Mountain. 

Fun Fact

Today was about shopping. Shopping list: new tire for la Panda. Arranged it,  so let's take a walk back.

After few blocks I realized: 
1. This is like an industrial area, not too interesting;
2. the end destination 'High Mirror Tower' is too far away;
3. I am hungry and thirsty and no food in sight.
4. I don't have any internet connection for an Uber or Wazing Walking

More worrying - No taxi to be seen. 

Ha! A Bus!!! 

It took a while to explain where I wanted to go...Then it seemed endless before I understood I was actually offered a free ride: 'No, you can't buy a ticket on the bus. But hop in anyway and I drop you off at the nearest Metro station'.

Guess I must have looked like a lost puppy, with the language knowledge of a toddler of two... So I got a free ride of 15 minutes to 'Metro-Station-Civilization' - wow!

Highlights of the day:

  • The niceness of the people of Santiago - very helpful to explain you the directions, and warning you for pickpocketing. While travelling you always have to be alert, but I have to say I feel very comfortable and safe walking around.

  • The apron 'Pisco Sour Chileno' - which made me laugh. There is a passionate dispute between Peru and Chile about the origin of Pisco. In the end decided against to buy it as a present for a very Peruvian chef, as I reckon the discussion is too sensitive to joke about. 

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