Day 1 @ 17.17 pm: On our way to the coolest place on earth: Polar Circle, here we come!

track: Port Ushuaia via the Beagle Canal to open sea to set Southward

notes by the Oceanwide expedition team from
the Ortelius official logbook 

Date:                      14.03.2018

Position:                 54°48.6‘S, 068°17‘W

Wind:                      SW 4

Weather:                cloudy

Air Temperature:   +7

travel log per day by Jurci Travel

After months of joyful anticipation and buying fleeces, thermo-shirts and thermos-leggings, waterproof parka’s




we are off cruising to the South Pole!


Walking up the ship, we noticed in the waiting line it is a very mixed group of passengers – in ages and in nationality.  I wondered if I should inform him- "Hey, we are going to Antarctica... it's Cold there..." 


We settled in our lovely cabin, Jurgen switched his Garmin to 'nautical mode' and off the security briefing we were. At 17.17 pm the long anticipated moment arrived: The Ortelius set course south! Antarctica here we come!

Highlights of the day

  • Sailing away, the sun broke through waving us goodbye. Ahead at the bow of the ship - a full rainbow. Discussed with Brett that we should go out and catch the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. However, as we don’t want to miss out on the cruise… We left the pots of gold to be picked up at our return to Ushuaia.

  • After dinner we went outside. Pitch Black – hooray for the headlights we bought for the Inca Trail.  We looked up and it was just amazing, so many sparkling stars. And lucky us we saw several falling stars – al through one was a plane and not a falling star according to Jurgen. Oh well, all the others were!

    Except the monotone deep engine sound – there was a serene quietness on the deck. Special moment, remembering loved ones that are sparkling stars now.

  • The Cabin is cozy, practical and close to the stairs – to be quickly outside in case the speaker system shouts ‘Whales’, ‘Dolphins’, ‘Monster of Lochness’.  Yep, it might get cold – but defreezing will be easy with the boiling hot water shower in the cabin.

Fun Fact

Mandatory, a ship needs to do an ‘exercise, exercise, exercise’ of an emergency abandonment. Safety and Security officer Warren explained the rules, who goes in what boat, the signs and stuff.

Maybe it’s just me, but I found the muster point location utterly funny. Where that is? “In case of an emergency the Muster Point is at the bar”.


Which to me makes complete sense for a number of reasons…

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