About flat tires and lessons learnt

What are the chances one has TWO flat tires on the same day?

Nil, Zero - one would say.

Well, driving on the off-the-beaten-track gravel roads it happens.

Already TWICE we had to call in a flat bed to come to our rescue.

  • 2016: on the remote area between the Argentinian and Chilean border.

  • 2017: we stranded on a -also literally - breath taking beautiful scene in the Peruvian Altiplano. Stuck on a 4000+ meter altitude on the gravel road from Pedregal to the Colca Condor Canon.

Lessons Learnt?!

No more off-roading

Are you kidding?! In both cases, there was a good, all paved, tarmacked road to our end destination. Regardless, we again would opt for the off-roading - it's just too great way to explore. As - flat tires are not the issue - however, 1 spare tire is!

Satellite Phone

Proven to be essential in the part to get the flat bed to our rescue. As well are - dices to play Yatzee in the loooong boring waiting hours and the SnackBag - for 'food' and D-extro energy.

2018: How to break the Flat Tire Spell

We always head off at ta trip with off-road compatible tires in good condition. And watch the tire pressure and avoid sneaky pointy stones. From the former Saudi desert trips, we do know how to 'plug' a tire. A 'DIY-quick-fix-plug-reparation' set is default in the gear bag.

However, we faces severly destroyed flat tires, beyond the option to be repaired. So, we had to call the flat bed in. In Dutch the saying goes, 'the third time is the shipmens law' eg meaning, if something happens for the third time, it is the right time. Sorry - we so plan on NOT following that Dutch saying.

To break the spell: the only solution is: Double Up!

Even when it means creating a packing challenge. Spare tires are bulky things to drag along.

Packing Challenge - Check!

We decided that we don't want the second tire on the rack on top of the car. For it would make the petrol consumption of the car even more dramatic. And parking would become an issue - even with locks the wheel would probably change unvoluntary it's ownership at one point along the trip.

Hoeray for the good-old-Saudi-desert trip straps - securing the tire well mounted in the trunk.

On to the next challenge: BRRRRRRRRRRRRR.... how to stay warm in Antarctica?

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