About hugging laundry and indoor Penguin Fashion

On paper Lima winters ain't bad. An average temperature between 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. My conclusion reading that: even in winter Lima has a wonderful climate. ¡YaY!

Little did I know that a grey sky, humidity around 90% makes the 'feeling temperature' Chilly COLD!

Here in Lima most houses, including our apartment at the seaside, don't have heating systems in place. 

I believed I would be okay with it.  

Am I?

There are clear indicators the cold is getting to me:


I never blow-dry my hair, but now I do: at maximum heat & extra long. Remembering how great the Saudi heat felt. Burning hot desert sand - I miss you!!!


There are a bunch of candles at my computer desk.   Not for the Romantic atmosphere, but because they give extra heat (or so I like to believe)


I am using the dreaded dryer for the laundry. It takes 6.25 hours, and you catch yourself hugging your laundry....??!?!

The clothes came out steamy hot!  

So Crazy!!?!! 

I am not referring to a 5 minutes hugging of the clothes, but the fact that it takes 6.25 hours...

Environment, I promise, one day I will make that up to you. Crossing fingers for the next posting - please a climate where a laundry dryer ain't needed?? 


My water cooker is used more for making my hot water bottle than to make tea. With good reason, boilted water lasts way longer through the night than the warm water from the tap!

By now I am so experienced in it, that i (almost) don't burn myself any more at the pouring of the steamy water into the bottle. Progress!


I drag around my new love everywhere. We have one mini electronic heater, and where ever in the house I am for more than 10 minutes... you will find him Right By My Side!

Not that the poor little thing stand a chance to heat up a quite big study, kitchen or bed room, but at least it takes out the worst chilliness.


When you realize - you wear your Antartica hat more here in Lima - INDOORS!!! - than outdoors at Antarctica....

Oh well, #keepingwarminlimafun and counting down four days more to


Hat with pengiun cuddle
Keeping warm at the home office!