After sunset- Pump It Up!

The plan is drive at daylight. As it gives one the opportunity to truly take in the landscapes passing by.

However, we know that plans sometimes work out different. After the weak candlelight headlight 'power' of a former car, we decided to pump it up a bit. Also to impress Sir Jaroudi of course : )

Put on your sunglasses

And enjoy the Testing, Testing, Testing clip!

Specs: Led-power

This is a led-powered extra light bar, which costed about 180 euro. When the lights are switched off, it is invisible mounted behind the grill. At the desk board, there is a separate button to switch it on. Shout out to Roberto, who also ensured it automatically turns off when the regular headlights are switched off.

And no, Sir J and Desaart-Eight: the light was not available in nicely phsycidelic colors...

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