Bad weather - ain't bad! photo-blog

by Cissy

Photography is all about light & composition as base. Well, in La Paz, due to the 'bad weather': I had a ball. The weather was so interesting, creating the most amazing range of light.

In the five days we stayed there it went from deep dark-blue sunset skies as welcome, to foggy mornings to full bright sun (Where Is The Sunscreen!). Mostly, however, we had what one would say ‘Bad Weather’… (Where Is The Umbrella When You Need It!)

However - even severe rain did not spoil any of our fun.

In contrary: Bad Weather – Ain’t Bad at all!!!

Welcome in La Paz - sunset sky view at arrival in the hotelroom

Goooood Morning! Sunrise view from the bed - what a way to wake up!

The cable car lines of La Paz, are an all types of weather proof option

The Yellow Line - we went up in pouring rain

and on the way back - the sun come out!

sun and clouds playing- making the Devils Muele looking beautiful...

The Illumani looking amazing at sunset

Blue Moon Night in La Paz

Good morning again!

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