Chanchito - a Three Legged Pig brings Good Luck & Fortune

One of the fun things of travelling is finding out about the local traditions and habits. The Hand of Fatima (Arab world), Smashing plates at weddings (Greece), the two Torritos (bulls) on the rooftop at houses in Cusco region; most cultures do have their own luck charms.

So does Chile, in the form of a Three Legged Pig.

Chilean Legend The origin of the story is not totally clear, but the legend is rooted in the village Pomaire. Apparently a pig give birth of a nest of five piggies, one with three legs. The villagers said to put it to rest, but an old lady rescued the piggie and raised it with loving care.

When the little pig was growing, she noticed good luck and fortune was coming her way. Then unthinkable happened - the little pig managed to stand and walk with three legs only.

As the pig was unfortunate to miss a leg, the inhabitants reckoned, it was good luck that it was able to stand on three legs. Nice way of thinking, focusing on the good in an unfortunate situation, I love that!

Since then, pottery of pigs with three legs ‘Chanchitos’ are kept by the people of Pomaire as good-luck charms. These little 3 legged pigs can be given to loved ones and friends as good luck charm that will bring fortune.

So many Luck to choose from! Originals or Contemporary Colorful

The original pigs are produced from local clay, which is low-fired, curing the clay. This method brings out the natural red, brown and black colors. However, nowadays the pigs, like at the popular neighborhood BellaVista in Santiago de Chile, come in many sizes, colors and varied decorations.

If you are looking for a good authentic souvenir, look no further. A gift with a good story and bringing luck – makes a perfect present as well!

Affordable Luck!!!

Good news, good luck is quite affordable as well.

And: The more Good Luck you buy, the more affordable it gets.

So in that way - good luck charm is working right away, even before you buy it. Directly saving money : )

Indication of price - base February 2018,

8.000 Chilean pesos is around 11 euro and 13,50 US dollar.

If you buy 60 or more (for those with lots of Real Life friends - sending the piggy to your Facebookie friends won't work due to psychical limitations of the internet): the piggy cost you 6.000 Chilean Pesos, which equals about 8.30 Euro or 10.20 US dollars.

Worried that you will break the piggy before it gets home safe? Go for the Dutch saying: If you break something of glass accidentally, it will bring good fortune! *

*I know, those piggies are not of glass, but i reckon it still applies

** One-Second-Glue might fix damage

*** But, just ask the shop to wrap it properly and extra secure it yourself with extra wrapping in a sweater or so

**** For those buying 60 (!!!)... separate suitcase i guess and have a coffee in one of the many lovely restaurants in BellaVista while your good luck charms are wrapped. That might take a while : )

Tourist Souvenir shop at BellaVista neighborhood, Santiago de Chile


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