Elvis on Ruta 40 – Argentina & about most divine Pastas!

Travelling is all about surprises – some good, some minor and some surprises are just excellent. I have to admit, often those are related with… food…

After a long day driving, leaving at 6.06 am (!!) (auwha) – we arrived in Esquel, Argentina at 14.56 pm. And we were So Tired of taking in many changing beautiful landscapes. And, okay, it does not help to not have eaten properly all day.

The catering at today's road trip was certainly not very inspired:

Breakfast :

rating minus 2 stars As we left waaaaaaaaaay before the breakfast buffet at hotel Los Volcanos Dreams was opened, we decided to do breakfast on the road, at sunrise. Haute Cuisine breakfast including: Cola Zeros and Oreo Classic Cookies. We agreed that the Oreos packed in a roll of 14 taste cleary different then the Oreos packed with 4 in a small bag. The latter taste way better!

Lunch: rating zero stars Stepping up a level – Cola Zeros, pack of Jugo de Pera (Pear) and… with our favorite brands of Alfajor all not available; we opted for an alternative ‘Fake’ Alfajor, triple layered and the same amount of calories… but did not hold up in the benchmarking.

Sooooooooo, understandably, we were Very Hungry when arriving at Esquel. Ha! A restaurant right next to the hotel ¡ YAY !

Don Chiquino – Divine Italian Magic in Patagonia Rating: 5 stars and worth a reroute to Esquel to!

Best 'Vulcano' of the trip so far!

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